Livid Toms River, New Jersey Family Thrown Off Flight Toddler And Special Needs Child Not Wearing Masks
A Toms River family is deeply upset that they were kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida, to Atlantic City because of the adults’ failure to comply with mask wearing mandates. As the below Twitter video shows, the adults were wearing masks (as least they were during the portion of this video taken by a fellow passenger). However, the couple have a 7 year old non-verbal son who suffers from seizures and flight anxiety and after attempting to have him wear a mask, they ultimately decided not to aggravate his condition by enforcing it. In addition, the couple's two year old daughter was eating yogurt on her mother's lap and not wearing a mask on the plane.
Pregnant Mom In Red Bank, New Jersey Saves Toddler From Driverless Tesla
Just have a million things on your're a 6 month pregnant mom with a toddler who's probably fussing as you buckle her into her car seat. You're putting your groceries into your car when you notice another car is barreling toward you both and it's not stopping. This recently happened to a Red Bank mom and what's even weirder is that the car HAD NO DRIVER.
Ny Yankees Video Everyone Is Talking About Today
Last night during the Yankees/Texas Rangers game, the Rangers 1st baseman Mitch Moreland innocently tossed a foul ball into the stands where a little toddler wanted the ball but didn't get it. The little kid cried his eyes out practically. As you will see, Yankees announcer had some "words" to say about the people who caught the ball...