Jimmy Kimmel

Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump's Ridiculous Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel, with the help of Josh Groban, found a way for everyone to be made aware of Donald Trump's tweets - by having Groban sing them. This is really the only way Trump's tweets could be made entertaining, because calling people stupid, a lightweight or a loser over and over again ge…
David Lee Roth Busts his Nose on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]
Van Halen was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote their new "Tokyo Dome- Live in Concert" Cd, and to also kick of their summer tour.

At the beginning of "Panama", David Lee Roth came out on stage spinning the microphone stand like a Mad-Man. At some point while spinning it, he…
Baby Wyatt Rocks Pantera on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]
About a week ago, Varacchi posted a video featuring eight and a half month old Wyatt playing the drums to a Pantera song. The video caught Jimmy Kimmel's attention
Jimmy Kimmel invited Baby Wyatt on to his late night show for a segment called "Can they do it live...

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