5 Things Every Jersey Girl Needs in Her Beach Bag
OK today is the warmest day we've had since Christmas...can you blame this Jersey girl for thinking about the beach? Let's be good girl scouts and get prepared so when it's time we can hit the sand with confidence. This is from my beach bag to yours...
Full Body Cam Video of Wildwood Beach Arrest Released
Over the Memorial Day Weekend, a video taken down in Wildwood surfaced of a girl who got punched in the back of her head during an attempted arrest The girl was originally approached by police officers for suspicion of underage drinking. The cell phone video went viral very quickly and shown one of the police officers punching the girl in the back of the head while she was down on the ground... Re
Video Clip Of The Day- Girl Vs. Hungry Lion
I'm sure mom didn't handle this as well as the brave little girl did. But I'm guessing she's just grateful for thick plexiglass and a fresh diaper (probably for mom actually)   Enjoy today's "Video Clip of the Day"