Free Beaches

Free Beaches In New Jersey, Don’t Break The Bank This Summer
When I was little I remember going to the beach constantly. It was a cost -effective way to have a day of family fun. In fact, I don't remember us paying to get on the beach a whole lot. That was because my parents would search out the ones that were free! There are still a bunch of beaches that don't require paying for a badge which is a good thing because they are selling out!
Military & Their Families- Free Access to NJ Beaches
We all know how much we hate to have to pay to get on OUR beaches, but now at least our amazing military veterans will not have to pay anymore. And it is well deserved!!!A bill that was passed last year, was officially signed by Governor Christie this past Monday, permits military personnel, veterans, their spouses and dependent children over the age of 12 to use their military identification a st