Eric Zane

Free Beer & Hot Wings Outtakes!
The FBHW guys take care of our on-air Community Calendar, covering various events going on in our area. It's typically a straight-forward bit, but some moments stand above the others, like when Zane's mouth can't get around a certain word.
Eric Zane’s Epic Studio Coffee Disaster [Video]
About a year ago, our old, dingy studio was ripped apart and we moved into a fancy new studio with fancy new equipment. The centerpiece of the new studio was a new audio board that cost about a billion dollars and has a thousand or so buttons. Basically, it's the last place in the world that you'd want to spill a cup of coffee. On Friday morning, Zane did just that.
We Remember How Ridiculous Zane’s Tattoo Is [Photo]
On the show this morning, Zane was telling us about how his son, Jim, wants to get a tattoo of his son's name on his forearm. Zane was trying to talk him out of it, saying that people would judge him down the road and that he may not get a job because of the tattoo placement. Now, this struck all of us as funny because of, well, how ridiculous Zane's tattoo is.

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