Great Dad or Just Plain Stupidity? [VIDEO]
Remember when you were growing up and you and dad would build things together? Maybe you were working on that tree house together, building that go kart, or  it was just working on things around the house. Maybe you do these things with YOUR son now.
Video Clip Of The Day- Babies Are Weird [PART 2]
Another little  "bundle of joy" freaks out at the simple sound of dad making motorboat noises. It's still amazing to me the way their emotions can change in a sec. Hence the title..."Babies Are Weird"
A few weeks ago I posted 2  other videos of babies bugging out, so If you missed…
Video Clip Of The Day- Baby Loves Zeppelin
Even at such a young age this little guy knows the difference between good and bad music!!! Watch his face light up when the guitar riff starts and enjoy today's "Video Clip of the Day" Comments are always welcomed.