cicadas are here

Is That Annoying Buzzing Sound In New Jersey Bugging You?
Depending on which New Jersey town you live in, the current cicada infestation is more prominent than others. In fact, residents in Princeton are getting the brunt of it. Thousands of these red-eyed flying objects have released themselves after 17 years underground and invaded most of Mercer County.
Here. They. Come. 17 Year Cicadas Spotted At The Jersey Shore…Check Your Yard!
Here. They. Come. Billions of "Brood X" cicadas are starting to emerge after a 17 year incubation. They're coming earlier than expected due to warmer temperatures. If I was buried for 17 years you bet I'd be hungry and probably in a pretty bad mood. Atlantic City is already seeing these creepy little suckers. They've also popped in Newark, about 15 days earlier than expected.