Throwback Thursday- Asia: Only Time Will Tell [VIDEO]
We played this song during the "5 O'clock Happy Ending" this afternoon.
I love this song, BUT every time I hear it, I can't get the thought of the music video from out of my head. It's an awful (but an amazing) video.
Why is there a girl doing gymnastics throughout the…
Music Videos From the 80’s [3 VIDEOS]
We were talking on the radio today about videos from the 80's. Some were good. Some were downright bad.
David Lee Roth had a lot of videos on MTV once he went solo from Van Halen. Most of his videos had a funny little skit, and half naked girls. "Yankee Rose" was one of those v…
Yes, We “Clap” For Steve [Rock Artist Birthdays]
Steve Howe turned 65 yesterday, born April 8, 1947, in London, England.
He's well-respected for his fine guitar chops in Yes, Asia, and other bands, as well as his solo work.
Listening to Howe it's plain to see he's not without classical and jazz and even country influences, and was voted "Best O…