How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Craze All Started [VIDEO]
Pete Frates is the inspiration behind the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" craze. He was diagnosed with ALS back in 2011. Shortly thereafter, people started doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for different charities. Pete wanted to do the challenge, but couldn't because of what ALS was already doing to HIS body. Pete went on social media and asked people to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge"
ALS Victim Does ALS Challenge [VIDEO]
This is truly an inspiring video. His name is David Kurt McClain, and he is an ALS Victim.He cannot speak, eat or drink.  He needs a special computer keyboard to communicate. He is paralyzed from the shoulders down. Yet HE decided to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He says in the video that as bad as his condition is, he still keeps a positive attitude
Charlie Sheen ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO]
I'm not sure if his version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bothers me or not. I think It is great the amount of money he is donating, but something doesn't seem right about it either. Maybe it's just me What do you think? Comments welcome...

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