Have you ever stomped grapes? It's one of those things I've seen on TV but never actually thought about doing. There are a couple local wineries in our area, and I don't remember seeing one offer a stomping session - until now!

Laurita Winery isn't stomping grapes at the moment, but they are hosting a Blueberry Crush this weekend.

Here's the deal:

Laurita will be hosting three sessions per day on Saturday and Sunday, August 15th and 16th. The sessions will run from 12-2:30pm, 3-5:30pm, and 6-9pm. You'll need to choose your day and time in advance, and can register for a group of friends to get a table for 4 or 6. Admission is $10 per person, and tables must be full. Because of COVID regulations, parties cannot mix at one table.


In addition to the stomping and drinking, the event will feature live music from First Call (Saturday 12p-4p), Roundabout 360 (Saturday 5p-9p), The Bergers (Sunday 12p-4p), and Anker (Sunday 5p-9p). There will also be food trucks from Pita Bowl, REDs Pizza Express, and House of Cupcakes.

The whole thing is a celebration of the debut of Laurita Winery's first ever blueberry wine, Heavenly Blue! Heavenly Blue boasts an exotic taste, juicy flavors and nutritional benefits. And the best part? The blueberries come fresh from local farms, right here in the Jersey Pinelands!

Laurita Winery is taking pandemic restrictions seriously, so all tables are socially distant from the others. They will sanitize everything in between stomp sessions as well. They also ask that you pay for your wine and food by credit card, just to keep the hand-to-hand transactions at a minimum.

There aren't many events going on right now, so this could be something fun to do with a small group of friends, and maybe take out some of that underlying pandemic aggression by stomping on blueberries!

And of course, no story about stomping fruit at a winery would be complete without this:

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