You gotta stand up for your friends, and for yourself. Surely somebody told Aerosmith singer and ‘American Idol‘ judge Steven Tyler that lesson at some point during his childhood. And yet, he sat there passively as three different classic rock songs were savaged by various ‘Idol’ hopefuls in Portland, Oregon, including one of his very own tunes.

Tonight, Feb. 1, 2012 or “2-1-12,” was supposed to be a day where prog-rock legends Rush got some respect. Instead, 22 year old Mountain Home, Idaho fast food worker / comedian David Weed, tried to be funny/cute/ironic (or is really unaware of his own skill level) by signing a high-pitched version of the band’s classic ‘Tom Sawyer’ that even the usually non-discriminating Randy Jackson made fun of — “In your mind, is that how Geddy Lee sings?”

Next up was 22-year-old Boston student Naomi Gillies, a cute young girl who sweetly asked if it would be alright for her to sing an Aerosmith song — ‘Cryin”, from 1993′s ‘Get a Grip.’ Tyler nodded his consent, and Gillies delivered a “not bad” but not particularly memorable rendition of the late-era gem. We thought Boston’s original “bad boy” and his fellow judges would pass, but once again we realized how little we understand about this show when she got good-to-glowing marks and was sent onto the next round.

Finally, Ben Harrison, a bubbly 28 year-old manchild / shipping agent from oh who cares, delivered the most unappealing rendition of Queen‘s classic ‘Somebody to Love’ that we’ve ever heard, and we’ve been to our share of rural Minnesota karaoke bars. Tyler, once again, did nothing to stop this — we’d have to think Joe Perry would have been over the table and strangling any of of these three singers before they got their second sentence out — although Harrison was shown the door rather than sent on to Hollywood.

At the end of Harrison’s performance, Jackson summed up our thoughts on this show when he moaned aloud, “why why why?” Exactly, buddy.

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