The big Facebook trend is listing ten things about yourself, having nine be true and one being false. I decided to have fun with this over the air! You can guess the lie on my Facebook page (Bob Stei) or email me at

In my near 30 (gasp) years playing radio, a lot of crazy things have happened on and off the air. Nine of these are true - one is not, have fun!

  • 1

    My first broadcast involved me bashing somebody in the paper who ended up stopping by to confront me the last hour

  • 2

    I was on a television commercial for our station’s morning show

  • 3

    I was cheered and booed by thousands at a Monster Truck Jam

  • 4

    Courtney Love hit on me

  • 5

    Gave away $25,000(cash) to a winner who cried for hours

  • 6

    I ate dinner with Three Days Grace (Papa John)

  • 7

    Used the seven-second-delay button several times during a Slash interview

  • 8

    Drove Everclear around and their manager wanted to hire me for the evening

  • 9

    Interviewed the Sugar Hill gang during a one-hour hang

  • 10

    Was called by the BBC in the UK and did an interview while I was on the air at the same time

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