There a lot of scams and viruses that you have to be aware of each and every day.

It's just another thing in life that sometimes makes the decision to move to a deserted island that much easier.

When I turned on my work laptop this morning to check my email, everything looked normal except for one email that stood out that said "Summons Notification" in the subject line, and "Court Summons" was the sender.

Right away my BS meter was activated. I did some research on Google, and I came to discover that this email is a scam that has been around since 2014 and It carries a potentially harmful virus-containing ransomware if you click on the link on the email.

After almost seven years, the same malicious email is STILL going around

This is what the email looks like:

Court Case #3294294

Hereby we inform you that you are suspected of violating of the Federal Law under Title 16 USC § 8763.

Related hearing will be held next week at 3:30PM in Courtroom 6B. Case number is 5193-372601271.

In case you or your attorney are not able to attend to the court on the mentioned day, please inform us by sending a respond here with the specified reason reason for abscence. You have to respond not later than 10 workdays before the day of hearing.

List of documents to provide and further information can be found in an attached file.

Download Notification

Alison Solis

I didn't click any of the links. I immediately deleted the email and if you receive this email, you should do the same.

According to, "Unless you are actively involved in a case in federal court and have consented to receive court notifications electronically, you generally will not be served with court documents electronically."

Be careful out there folks!!

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