The Star Trek Convention landed in New Jersey this past weekend and many made the trek (sorry) to Cherry Hill to attend it.

I've never actually been to one (I swear), but I'm a fan, especially of the original series.

Yes, I'm a Trekkie.  Of sorts.

I may not be hardcore because I've never dressed in costume or attended a convention, but I dearly love the series, and a couple of the movies with the original t.v. cast are among my favorite films of all time.

And I don't care who knows.  (But it would probably be a good idea for me to get a life).

The original t.v. series in particular was ahead of its time, boldly going where get it....with themes such as racial equality, feminism, pacifism, and even animal rights (making it even dearer to my heart).

According to wikipedia, Star Trek's creator, producer and writer, Gene Roddenberry:

"wanted Star Trek to show humanity what it might develop into, if only it would learn from the lessons of the past, most specifically by ending violence. An extreme example is the alien species, the Vulcans, who had a very violent past but learned to control their emotions. Roddenberry also gave Star Trek an anti-war message and depicted the United Federation of Planets as an ideal, optimistic version of the United Nations."

Alas, we haven't learned from our mistakes, taking a look at the world as it is today.  But that's for another blog.

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