Halloween has become such a huge holiday and so many love the "spooky" season and all the fun and scares that come with it, and we love it here at the Jersey Shore.

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"Celebrating 18 years of scares, Brookdale Performing Arts Center’s Haunted Theater is locally regarded as one of the scariest and most immersive Halloween attractions in Monmouth County, New Jersey."

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After they had to hold things back last year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the Brookdale players are back to scare you! this is definitely a fun event for those who LOVE being scared!

This is a walk-thru haunted adventure that "Halloween" fans will love. It's a horrific trip through interconnected mazes haunted by monsters, phobias, and images taken from your worst nightmares. Still interested?



Here is how the folks at Brookdale describe this Halloween event..."This indoor, self-guided walk-through haunted house maze – which is designed, built, and operated by more than 100 Brookdale students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members – features themed mazes, pitch-black zones, and special effects, all contained within the walls of the Performing Arts Center."

You must buy tickets ahead of time! No tickets can be purchased at the door, CLICK HERE to grab your tickets ...if you dare!

For questions please email Brookdalehauntedtheater@gmail.com or call 732-224-2411

Have YOU been to this Halloween attraction before? Love to hear what you thought...check out this video to get a peek at this terrifying experience...



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