Having recently settled a lengthy lawsuit over royalties, Spinal Tap are wasting no time in getting back into action. The mockumentary rockers will turn it up to 11, joining the campaign trail to stump for the Democratic party in Pennsylvania during a livestreamed fundraiser on Oct. 14.

Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean will reprise their roles as Nigel Tufnel, Derek Smalls and David St. Hubbins for the "virtual reunion" fundraiser. The event will also include another This Is Spinal Tap alum, with Rob Reiner (aka documentarian Martiy Di Bergi) also joining the group for some reflections, while comedian Patton Oswalt will host the event.

Pennsylvania is expected to be one of the key states in this year's presidential election, which is why the efforts are being focused there. Reiner, who was also a co-creator on the film, revealed the news via social media.

Donations may be made in a variety of amounts (including $20.20), with those contributing receiving a link to view the livestream fundraiser on Oct. 14. Head here to make a donation and get additional details.

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