We've all experienced this before. You're at a red light in the right-turn-only lane. You see there's no traffic preventing a right turn to be made, nor is there a sign stating you can't.

But for some reason, the car in front will not go. They may even stay stopped flush with the stop line, indicating that they have no intention to go until the light is green.

Traffic in the lane starts to back up, and people begin to lay on their horns. And yet, the car in front will not turn.

In New Jersey, time is everything. And so is keeping traffic flowing. There are simply too many of us trying to get from one place to another to afford an unnecessary traffic backup. But yet, this seems to happen every day when it doesn't have to be.

Reasons why some NJ drivers won't turn right on red

Unless there's a sign telling you otherwise, turning right on red in NJ is perfectly legal. But why are some hesitant to do so? Let's take a look at a few plausible reasons.

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