Just like his mum, Prince Harry doesn't hesitate to stand up for what's right.

He saved a fellow trooper from a threatened attack because he wasn't afraid to do the right thing.

According to the book, "Out in the Army", soldiers threatened to beat the author of the book when he was a fellow soldier because he was gay.

It happened in 2008, according to yahoo.com, which reports that the book by James Wharton describes an incident in which Harry stood up for Wharton, who was being bullied for being gay.

Harry, a Troop Commander in the Blues and Royals, warmed the six soldiers threatening to "batter" Wharton that they would face severe discipline if they continued to make violent threats.

Harry also reported the threats to his commanding officer.

According to the dailymail.co.uk:

The soldier, who quit the Army earlier this year, said: ‘I will always be grateful to Harry and I will never forget what happened. Until he went over and dealt with everything I was on track for a battering.’

The Prince, after Wharton tearfully told him of the threats, said, "Right, I'm going to sort this s*** out once and for all."

It got sorted. :-)

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