The majority of those who are either born or have lived in New Jersey long enough know how awesome it is to live in the Garden State. We love our our state and we are very protective of it. NJ residents can also be an angry bunch. New Jerseyans  have certain pet peeves that we find REALLY annoying. Here's a list of things that really get under our skin.

Pet Peeve #1

Distracted Driver
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Most of NJ drivers' angst towards other drivers is pointed at out-of-state motorists but we battle our own just as much. When it comes to driving in NJ, there are some simple rules: Stay out of the left lane and PAY ATTENTION. If you decide you're going to take your sweet a** time and lag in the left lane, you're going to put yourself in the cross hairs of NJ drivers. As an added bonus, if you think it's a good idea to answer that text or pay more attention to the conversation you're having on you're phone than the road, you will also draw the ire of many NJ drivers around you.

Pet Peeve #2

Gov. Chris Christie joined New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott Monday. Feb. 13 for "Ask the Governor" (Louis C. Hochman / Townsquare Media)
Gov. Chris Christie joined New Jersey 101.5's Eric Scott Monday. Feb. 13 for "Ask the Governor" (Louis C. Hochman / Townsquare Media)


Some NJ politicians are legendary across the country for the way they can squeeze every dime out of their constituents' pockets. Whether it is a huge gas tax hike, a $300 million Statehouse renovation or the constant raising of our property taxes, NJ politicians find new and inventive ways to get under our skin.

Pet Peeve #3

(Credit: Toniann Antonelli)
(Credit: Toniann Antonelli)

It's 'The Shore'

NJ has some amazing beach towns and if you're traveling to the Garden State, you should absolutely visit as many as possible. If you're going to  visit the area though, make sure you get the terminology correct. If you tell someone from NJ that "you're going to the beach," they'll probably look at you funny. The correct term is "going down the shore," which essentially comes from people who lived in the northern parts of the state heading south.

Oh, and by the way, unless you really want to annoy your new friends from NJ, don't ask us if we know Snooki, she's not from Jersey and we don't want her.

Pet Peeve #4

Elizabeth fire
View of the blaze from the New Jersey Turnpike (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media)

Exit 13

If you're an infrequent traveler to NJ and you say "NJ smells," well why yes, yes it does. NJ has many fantastic smells including the slat air from the ocean, fresh grass, fresh air from our mountain areas and the smell of amazing foods from all of our restaurants and eateries. NJ got a bad rap for one small section of the state in and around the area of Elizabeth that does have a certain stink to it. But that doesn't mean the entire state has that smell! If you're visiting here anytime soon, I'd recommend you venture outside that area of the Turnpike before you make a sweeping generalization about the entire state and irk the nerves of people that live here.

Pet Peeve #5

NJ Transit train at the Hamilton Station (Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ)
NJ Transit train at the Hamilton Station (Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media NJ)

Transit Riders

Our transit system in NJ leaves a little to be desired so transit riders have my sympathies to begin with. Adding to the stress of just trying to travel to and from home or work, to add rude riders that think of nothing but themselves is too much for anyone to bear. Whether it is people taking up two seats, blasting music that can be heard throughout the bus or train, those that want to make sure you hear their entire conversation on their cell phones or the worst, those riders who feel that personal hygiene is optional (this includes bathing in cologne or perfume), it is brutal.

Pet Peeve #6


Pet owners

New Jerseyans love their pets, we get it. The majority of us love our dogs, cats or other animals. The cute, furry and lovable. What starts to get really annoying is when the pet owners feel the entitlement to bring their pets EVERYWHERE with them. From driving with them on their laps (see driving rules above) to bring them with them to the malls and or restaurants, is just too much for many to bear. I understand you love Lassie, your hamster, pot belly pig or iguana, but are they really that much of a comfort animal that you need to take them to Panera with you?

Pet Peeve #7

(Dan Tantillo/Townsquare Media)
(Dan Tantillo/Townsquare Media)

Don't call it a "sammich"

North and South Jersey boast different terminology on what they define as a sandwich but make no mistake, both parts of the state can agree that we love to eat. If you're from the northern part of the state, it's known as a "sub." If you're from the Southern part, it's known as a "hoagie." Don't call it a mere sandwich or a "sammy" and for all that is decent and holy, don't call it a "grinder" or any other cute name you think would amuse us.

Pet Peeve #8

Xanadu building in the Meadowlands
Xanadu building in the Meadowlands (YouTube)

The giant eyesore

If you happen to go to an event at Met Life Stadium or you happen to travel near Exit 16W or Rt. 3, you may see a large structure that looks like a Crayola box threw up on a few buildings. Welcome to the American Dream project. What used to be known as the Xanadu project, is a bunch of buildings that have been sitting dormant because funding has fallen short. The original plan was to make it look like the shipping containers on the docks of NJ. Now, no one is quite sure what it looks like. The only thing most NJ residents agree on, is that the entire complex is a complete eyesore.

Pet Peeve #9

New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Fan Celebration At Metlife Stadium
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The Giants and Jets play where, again?

While the two teams "play" their games right smack dab in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium, both the Giants and Jets have the words "New York" in front of their names. If they play in New Jersey, they should have New Jersey in their names, or at least refer to the Garden State somehow as their home. Could we get a little respect, please? While not exactly the same, The NY/NJ Redbulls, the professional soccer team, at least SHARES the title, although all of their home games are played in their stadium in NJ.

The only real professional "home team" New Jersey has are the NHL New Jersey Devils.

What are your biggest NJ pet peeves? Leave your comments below.

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