Do you love a good smoothie? If you do, you'll be happy to know that Smoothie King has proposed to add a new location in Brick Township.  Even better yet, it would have a drive thru.

Let's be honest, making smoothies at home is a pain...the mess and clean up...the protein powder all over the counter...every time I do it I add 15 minutes to my morning.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo credit: kelly sikkema

A drive thru makes all the difference to this busy mom! If my kids ask for a smoothie and I can avoid fighting for a parking spot I'm more likely to be on board.

The location in question is 129 Chambers Bridge Road.  If you live in the area you know it is a highly congested spot.  Right now there is a house standing on the property that would need to be demolished.

My kiddos love the Kids Blends and I'm happy to get this for them as a treat instead of ice cream anytime (if there is a drive thru), if not I'm rollin' on.

A hearing on the application is happening on Dec. 8th so we will know more then.  I'm into the about you?  Is there something else you would rather see go in there instead?  You can read more about it from Brick Shorebeat here.

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