Here's something you probably didn't expect - because I know I didn't!

If you live in New Jersey in 2022, 45 other states might be pretty jealous of your overall mood. According to a new study conducted by WalletHub, New Jersey is ranked as the 5th happiest state in the country this year!

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But what do we mean when we say "happiness"? How financially secure are we? How much time do we spend with our family and friends? How often do you enjoy activities and hobbies?

This can be a tricky question this year, considering the nationwide inflation and the fact that many are still recovering on the back end of the pandemic.

In this study of "2022's Happiest States in America", WalletHub measured states' happiness by the 3 key dimensions of Emotional & Physical Well-being, Work Environment, and Community & Environment. These were measured using 30 relevant metrics, such as depression rate, average work hours, adequate sleep rate, average income growth, and divorce rate.

New Jersey ranked at #5 out of the 50 states as the "most happiest", behind Utah, Minnesota, Maryland, and Hawaii at #1. 

Not that anyone's complaining, but why did New Jersey rank so high?

New Jersey ranked #2 in the Emotional & Physical Well-being metric, which is a major score. It ranked #19 for Community & Environment,, and #28 for Work Environment. New Jersey also has the lowest divorce rate and lowest suicide rate this year.

Check out the ranked map below!

Source: WalletHub

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