This weekend, April 21st and 22nd, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson will be holding its International Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival (food trucks and craft beer just so happen to be two of my favorite things in the whole world!)

All weekend from 12pm to 7pm, you’ll be able to enjoy amazing dishes from the food trucks below:

  • The Flying Pie Guy
  • MexiFlip Taco Truck
  • Cajun Jax BBQ
  • The Little Sicilian Riceballs
  • My Four Suns
  • Chimney Cake Factory
  • Dump-N-Roll
  • Five Sisters
  • The Guac Spot
  • House of Cupcakes
  • Waffles & Wedges
  • Jersey Devil BBQ

You can also say hi to Varacchi, who will be at the International Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival on Saturday from 2pm till 4pm.

The Mexi-Flip Taco Truck paid a visit to the Hawk’s Nest, and Varacchi and I were able to go inside and talk with the owners, Mike and Jessica. From the moment I stepped on the truck and smelled the delicious aroma of the tacos, I was in love. Take a look at the video below to learn about how Mike and Jessica combine their Mexican and Filipino heritages to make one tasty taco.

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