Yesterday, two anti-e-cigarette initiatives were announced. On a national scale, the President's administration announced a plan to ban flavored e-cigs; locally, Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney revealed his own plans to make New Jersey the first state in the country to ban the sale of all vaping products.

The health and safety and even the lives of young people are at risk. The flavored products are targeted at teenagers and young adults with the intent of luring them into addiction.

Michigan has already banned flavored vaping products, but NJ wants to ban the products entirely, flavored or not.

I am vehemently anti-smoking, but a lot of people in my life have smoked and ended up turning to vapes to break the habit. Some of them just vaped to get new sweet flavors, while others weaned themselves off nicotine by getting progressively weaker and weaker juices. I understand that the state doesn't want vape companies advertising to kids or trying to convince people that the product is totally safe, but I also feel like banning the product completely could turn people right back to regular cigarettes.

What do you think?

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