The 1980s had tons of great movies.  Just to name a handful, Stripes, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Porkies, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Caddyshack, etc.  It’s difficult to talk about most of those movies without mentioning the great John Hughes.

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In the 1990s there is one film that everyone refers to. It was released in 1994 by a young filmmaker from Red Bank. Considered a landmark film in the independent film world, The Library of Congress selected the work to be preserved in the National Film Registry, calling it “culturally, historically or alethically significant”.  The movie is Clerks and the local boy who done good is Kevin Smith.  With a 27,000 investment, the movie which was filmed in Middletown, NJ grossed over $3 million and was the beginning of Smith’s career.

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Smith’s affinity for the arts has led him to follow the trends towards podcasting.  In 2010, Smith started his very own podcasting network, entitled SModcast.  That namesake is the catalyst for his new 50 seat recording studio, SModcastle opening in Middletown on Friday (July 9, 2021).  It’s not by accident, the new podcasting studio is on the opposite end of the building the Quick Stop convenience store is located.  The same-store is depicted in the comedy Clerks.  Not sure if he will allow you to bring in snacks.

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Smith said,

“I’ve been doing this creative nonsense as a business and trying to make money off it for damn near 30 years now.  And I’ll tell you, the best things happen when you just meet new people, when people get in a room and connect and we haven’t been able to do that for a year, for obvious reasons.  "But now that we’re all getting our vaccinations, the world looks like It’s kind of heading toward normalcy. It’ll be nice to do that, to get into a room with a bunch of strangers to see what kind of magic takes place.”


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This isn’t Smith’s first rodeo.  He opened a SMopcastle location in Los Angeles in 2010, the first year of his podcasting network.  Opening night in Middletown will include the live taping of the podcast Vegan Abattoir.  A presentation co-hosted by Kevin and his daughter Harley Quinn Smith. Additional podcast recordings are planned for Friday night, including some surprises.  The theater space is also available to rent for private affairs.

See the SModcastle website for more details.


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