Yup....Phase two of the three year construction project on the Seaside Heights drawbridge begins this tomorrow morning at 7am.

Starting tomorrow morning, all traffic going in and out of Seaside Heights will be diverted to the Tunney Bridge. The Tunney bridge is known as the "big" bridge, or the bridge that is normally used for westbound traffic. The traffic diversion is scheduled to last until May 15th of 2017

Between October 28th, and May 15th, one lane on the Tunney bridge will be used to run into Seaside Heights, where two lanes will be used to leave the barrier Island.

Basically.....The Mathis bridge is old...It was originally built in 1950, so it needs repairs that will take a few years to complete.

The NJDOT gives a better explanation of what the construction will entail:

  • The replacement of the deck in the moveable span, flanking spans and the approach spans.
  • Safety improvements to the barrier and warning gates and railings.
  • Substructure and structural steel repairs.
  • Bearing replacement and some painting.
  • Mechanical and electrical rehabilitation of the machinery and controls.

The NJDOT also says that the left and right lane of the Mathis bridge will also be wider to match the width of the center lane at the end of the construction project

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