On Friday afternoon, I headed to Seaside for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for HYDRUS, the new rollercoaster at Casino Pier.

Before the coaster, we got a quick tour of some of the new locations on the boardwalk including Santeria Taquiera, SkyCone, and the Shake Shoppe.

Governor Christie was trekking (slowly) up and down the boardwalk, and we all awaited his arrival to perform the actual cutting of the ribbon.

What we DIDN'T get video of, however, was Christie ON THE RIDE - because he and the rest of the suits climbed the ramp, got on the coaster, sat down and strapped in, smiled for the cameras...and then got off the ride!  BOOOOOOOO. Feel free to throw out humorous reasons as to why Christie didn't ride, because I made plenty of my own.

After Christie didn't ride, they opened things up and I was on one of the first few runs. It's a pretty damn fun ride! The initial climb is a straight 90 degrees, so you're flat on your back as you rise above the beach. The first drop is actually ninety-seven degrees, so you feel like you're falling head over feet before you head into the full loop and around the rest of the ride. It's a quick 40 second ride, but definitely fun.

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