It looks like Sammi has a new sweetheart!  Sammi Giancola recently broke off her two-year engagement with her fiancé Christian Biscardi and just this Thanksgiving she was showing off her new man!

Question:  do you think this breakup means that she may re-join the Jersey Shore reboot? I really hope so!  Here's why I think it may happen... The only reason Sammi ever gave for not being on Jersey Shore Family Vacation was that she did not want to put strain on her current relationship with her fiancé Christian Biscardi...the other reason had to be that she did not want the inevitable Ronnie drama but he is taking a break from the show because of his legal issues so now that is not even an issue.

Either way, she's moving on to a new bf.  In case you don't follow our girl on social media I wanted to show you her new dude. He is super good looking!  Sammi definitely has a type...I'm catching Ron vibes here for sure.  His name is Justin May and they had Thanksgiving together (isn't that when you meet Mom?).  Sammi must be feeling strong about him to intro him to her followers!  Whatcha think?

There wasn't any detail given in the caption, just a simple "Happy Thanksgiving" and yes, she does look happy.  This is the first time she shared him publicly.  MTV, maybe they need their own show?!?!? Sammi call me...we'll work out a sweet deal for ya!

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