The guitarist in Roger Waters’ solo band, Jonathan Wilson, pointed out that the former Pink Floyd member’s political stance angered fans who also happen to support President Donald Trump, but few of them actually went as far as to walk out of the shows.

Soon after Trump’s election, Waters said he hoped the president would be “removed from office.” His recent run of Us + Them shows featured visuals during the song “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” of Trump as a cross-dresser, a Klansman and a pig. “I find it slightly surprising that anybody could have been listening to my songs for 50 years without understanding,” Waters later said. Asked about his message to attendees who hopes for an escape from politics, he replied, “Go see Katy Perry or watch the Kardashians. I don’t care.”

“We were expecting more of a push back and more of a negative vibe when we were rolling into Kansas City or into Texas or wherever this tour went,” Wilson told Billboard in a new interview. “But to be honest, there was [only] a little bit of that. You’d get some people flashing you the bird and screaming and hollering, throwing shit onstage. Like, somebody threw a pretzel at me once. But basically, that wasn’t enough for them to walk out. They had to get their classic rock fix.”

The guitarist described Waters as “like family to me” as a result of their work together on Waters’ recent album Is This the Life We Really Want? “I forget that we spent many, many days and many, many hours trying to make that thing," he said. "It was really tricky to play guitar on it, because if you bent a string a certain way you’d sound like [David] Gilmour almost by osmosis.

“So if you go back and listen to the guitars it’s all very subtle. And usually I would be playing fucking like single notes. There were a couple of chances where I started to shred, but then it immediately sounded like I was trying to be like something that has already been done. But I think you gotta give Roger some credit for making something that doesn’t directly sound like his past, but it does acknowledge it.”

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