I had a friend from high school in Old Bridge who was and is a hero of September 11th, and showed others what it means to lay down your life for others.

I'm tearing up as I write these words, thinking about a friend I hadn't seen for decades, and learning a few years ago about his heroic actions on that terrible day 13 years ago.

I will always remember Chuck Costello as one of the kindest and bravest men I had ever known, and I always knew him to be the kind of person who would do anything for anyone, always thinking about others.

He proved he was indeed the man I remembered from years ago, for instead of running away from danger, he ran toward it to rescue as many people as he could on that fateful day.

His full story on the day he saved so many lives is finally in print and I'm honored to share it with you, to remind all of us that there are people like Chuck in this world and to give us all hope for a better world, with more like him to light the way.

The account of Chuck's heroism is told by Tim Cummings in a story he entitles, "Running the Other Direction on 9/11 – Valor Above and Beyond".

Please take a few moments to read this deeply moving tribute here.