Jim Morrison would have turned 70 on Sunday, and to celebrate, you can bid on the last notebook he ever wrote in if you happen to have the big bucks.

According to people.com:

The marble-bound notebook is being sold by Profiles in History and is expected to fetch between $200-300,000. It contains entries written by Morrison over the few months in 1971 when he was living in Paris detoxing from life with The Doors, shortly before his death at 27 on July 3 of that year.

Jim was born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida.

The final entry in the notebook reads as follows:

"Art is a compromise, a vast midland, it attempts to rejoin subject & obj[ect] by revealing w/pure eye. Art can suspend the separation [sic] of perceived & perceiver. Beauty is therefore an absolute, rooted in disinterested perception – objects devoid of all purpose & meaning."

Wonder what Jim would be like as an old man of 70?

Would he still be writing poetry, only with a more seasoned viewpoint, a wiser take on things due to the years that would have shaped him?

I bet he'd probably still be pretty cool, as long as he didn't continue to wear leather pants. :-D