A couple years ago, the Asbury Park Zombie Walk instituted a "weapons ban". You were no longer allowed to bring any type of prop weapon, from guns to axes to hammers to crossbows to baseball bats. While most people followed the rule, there were still a handful of people with props, but nothing compared to the year prior, when even I had brought a toy gun.

The particular gun I brought with me might actually be illegal in New Jersey, now that Governor Murphy has signed a new bill into law.

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The new law states that toy guns must be a color other than black, blue, silver or aluminum, and they must have a bright orange stripe along the side (federal law requires an orange tip on a toy gun, not along the side).

The toy gun I have is a really old rifle, made of wood. I'm wondering if it violates the new law, because while the stock is a natural brown wood, there is a black metal barrel. When I went to the Zombie Walk I actually made my own orange tip just so I wouldn't get in trouble, but I'm wondering if I would need to attach a bright orange stripe down the side.

Regardless of my own personal toy arsenal, I definitely agree with the reasoning behind this law. Too many times we've heard of an officer shooting someone who was only armed with a toy gun.

If a bright orange stripe will help an officer make the right decision, I'm all for it.

People who sell toy weapons that don't have the orange stripe or are the same color as actual guns will be required to pay a $500 fine for the first offense, and $1,000 for any additional violation.

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