We're at the halfway point between spring and summer and with warmer weather here it's time for some cool treats.

Restrictions have started to be gradually lifted with the reopening of parks, trails and some lands across the Jersey Shore and state but the pandemic is not yet over.

As we head towards a new normal in the weeks to come, it'll be more important than ever to support local businesses here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and across the state.

They are open for business and are waiting to serve you some great treats.

You can go right up to the window, order and let your taste buds go on a journey to flavorville.

They have more than 50 flavors for their treats including the Italian Ices as well as smoothies, milkshakes, cream ice, fruit drinks and coffee drinks.

Some of the flavors include 'Blue Hawaii', 'Graham Crunch' and 'Mint Chip'.

Check out this video for more about Ralphs:

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