I have a lot of friends in the medical field, and almost universally, they are freaking out about the lack of masks and gloves and other things that they need to protect themselves during this pandemic.

The higher-ups at Prudential heard those same complaints, and as casual as it sounds, asked Vice President of corporate real estate Bill Barrett to see "what was in the basement" - he found a stockpile of 153,000 facemasks, 73,000 of which were N95 respirators, plus 300 bottles of hand sanitizer.

Apparently the stockpile was created after 9/11, and just never used. According to NJ.com, Prudential amassed the goods as part of the company's emergency preparedness measures. They also assure that these masks weren't just "gathering dust in the basement", saying their chief medical officer checks expiration dates regularly on all those supplies. The goods are normally kept for the safety of employees during an emergency, but since most employees are now working from home, Prudential made the decision to donate to area hospitals.

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