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A Prickle Is A Name For A Group Of What Animals?
Each morning on the show, we play Dumber Than The Show Trivia for a cash prize. Today, Jason in Green Bay, WI took on Hot Wings on a $200 round of the game. Watch the clip below to find out if the pot increases, or if it resets to $100!
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So… Airbag Jeans Are A Thing
Moses Shahrivar has been designing motorcycle safety jeans with Harley-Davidson in Sweden for 16 years, and said his latest invention uses similar technology to airbag-equipped vests that are currently on the market for protecting a rider's chest, back and neck in a crash...
What is Going on in Wall Township?
Out and about I saw this project in Monmouth County. I was traveling along Route 138 in Wall Township when I spotted this construction project. Of course I may have overlooked any signs detailing the work, but I am almost sure I didn’t see any description of the project.

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