First let me say that my kids are grown and out of school, so for me, there is no agenda when it comes to "back to school" this is merely my observation and asking questions that I see others saying to themselves and friends.

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I would have never thought to ask the question "Will There Be an Option To Never Go Back to School in the Future?" when my kids were in school or when I was a student, but since the Coronavirus Pandemic, it appears that being "physically" in school may not be necessary?

For some, the idea of "school" changed with the growing trend of "homeschooling" and now with the "mask" issue it has left many saying "do I need to go to school?"

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The Pandemic has proven it is possible to attend class without being "in" class. You can remotely do your studies without having to go to school. This is true not only for K-12 but also for college. Students don't have to travel to get the same education, they can do it "safely" and "remotely" from wherever....

Is this a game-changer for education? If you have kids in school or you are a student, how do you feel about the idea of not physically being in school? Like the idea? hate the idea?

  • Jennifer: "There are so many dividing factors that go along with bringing the kids and staff back into the schools. Sadly, because of that "going" back to school isn't, and won't be the same for a long time."
  • Karen: "Kids need the social interaction and the structure just as much as the academics and physical programs going to school daily provides. While home schooling works for some, it is definitely not for everyone."


For more on the issue of safety and health CLICK HERE for the Child Advocate Coalitioon LLC. 

Let us know how YOU feel ....

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