Ocean City Police are conducting an investigation over alleged animal cruelty after a seagull was found beaten to death on the beach Monday.

seagull killer

Do you recognize that guy? Witnesses say he threw an umbrella like a spear at a seagull. He missed with the first throw, but struck the bird in the neck with his second. It is a disorderly persons offense in New Jersey to use a live animal as a target or to abandon a disabled animal to die in a public place.

Police ask anyone who can identify him to call them at 609-399-9111.

I get it man, no one likes seagulls getting too close to them on the beach. We hate bennies who think it's funny to throw a french fry or a potato chip or a bit of sandwich and watch the birds swarm. It's not cool, but it's even less cool to actually attack an animal.

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