ESPN's Chris Mortenson is reporting that the New York Giants have fired Ben McAdoo.

During one of the worst seasons in recent memory, the Giants made a rare in-season move and fired McAdoo in the middle of his second season.

ben mcadoo
Al Bello/Getty Images

Is that a punchable face or what? I know it's not fair to judge someone on their looks, I'm not a model myself...but something about him just makes me wanna hit him.

Just a few weeks ago, owner John Mara told fans there would be no mid-season change, but after the fiasco around the benching of Eli Manning, ownership cut ties with McAdoo. Reports indicated Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will be the interim head coach.

As a Giants fan...honestly I don't care at this point! This has been a dead season since they started 0-5, add in the loss of the whole receiving corps, add in the seemingly random suspensions handed down by McAdoo...I had really stopped caring. I "boycotted" yesterday's game after the way they treated Manning, but honestly, I just felt like I had better things to do than waste three hours getting frustrated and yelling at my TV.

Good riddance, McAdoo!

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