Halloween has come and gone but it took Scarlett Johansson to remind us what the best adult costume is for a woman. . . . NUDE. Johansson spoke to Vanity Fair about the nude pictures of herself that leaked on the Internet. Turns out the pictures were intentionally taken to "rev the engine" of then husband Ryan Reynolds. She also pointed out that they were just photos and not adult films but hinted that she had no problem with adult films. I think this should be a lesson for all men and women. Nudity is better than scantily clad. When it comes down to it we all may like a naughty nurse but a NUDE nurse is better. We love a sexy race driver costume on a woman but a NUDE race car driver is better. Thank you, Scarlett, for teaching us a better way, and like G.I. Joe always said, knowing is half the battle.

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