State Senate President Stephen Sweeney announced he is abandoning the bill that would legalize marijuana in New Jersey. Instead, lawmakers will put the decision in the hands of the voters as part of the November 2020 election.


Part of Governor Murphy's campaign focused on marijuana legalization, but wasn't able to get enough support from the State Senate. There are lots of additions to this bill, surrounding expunging the records of those were busted for small possession crimes, worrying about the taxation, setting up an infrastructure for start-up businesses, and a lot more bureaucratic stuff that goes beyond my pay-grade ( goes a bit more in-depth).

Polls show that a majority of New Jerseyians would support legalization, so we'll have to see what type of voter turnout we get in 2020. Even if it passes, weed wouldn't be legal in NJ until sometime in 2021 once the state finalized all the regulations.

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