WALL — New Jersey’s Task Force 1 was deployed Saturday to the Gulf Coast on Saturday in anticipation of Hurricane Ida’s impact.

A Type 3 US&R Team unit consisting of 45 team members, in 35 technically skilled positions, and 10 ground support personnel left Wall Township. The team will have a full cache of equipment allowing them to be prepared for every type of situation.

According to a tweet from Gov. Phil Murphy on Sunday, they are staging in Alabama awaiting an assignment.

This will be the team’s ninth deployment as a FEMA US&R Team since 2016.

JCP&L sent 40 crew members and 40 contractors who are transmission and distribution line crews who are part of a contingent of 500 FirstEnergy workers sent to the Gulf Coast, according to spokesman Chris Hoenig.

"When they check-in, they’ll be assigned to a region. Each region has a staging area where they pick up necessary equipment such as transformers and receive their next assignment," Hoenig said.

It continues to rain heavily in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with strong 75 mph winds from the category 1 hurricane. There is no power in the entire city of New Orleans.

JCP&L truck headed to the Gulf Coast
JCP&L truck headed to the Gulf Coast (JCP&L)

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