TRENTON — An early morning blast of winter could delay the start of school in some districts on Monday.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said the peak of the snowfall will happen during the morning commute. His biggest concern is  low visibility during heavy snowfall.

"One or two bands of very heavy snow will likely setup north of Route 195 sometime Monday morning, leading to a quick 2 to 4 inches of accumulation. Road conditions and visibility may deteriorate rapidly in one of these heavier snow bands," Zarrow said.

That could lead some districts to delay the opening of school to give all plenty of time to get in.

Zarrow said most of the accumulations will we on non paved surfaces like grass and cars. "Asphalt roadways — particularly those that are pre-treated with salt or brine — should remain wet and slushy, rather than icy and snowy."

Temperatures in the 40s during the day mean most of the snow that accumulates will be gone by the afternoon commute.