Governor Phil Murphy has expanded New Jersey's medical marijuana laws to include anxiety, various forms of chronic pain, migraines and Tourette's syndrome.

Patients will also benefit from a lower registration cost and more locations to buy medicine. Doctors still need to recommend patients to the program, but Murphy has eliminated the public registry, allowing patients to stay anonymous.

Murphy's decisions are a stark contrast to Chris Christie's. The former governor tried to block marijuana reform in any way, from medical to personal legalization.

I know it's not shocking that a DJ at a classic rock radio station would be in support of legalization, but at this point, I think it's just stupid that marijuana is illegal. There aren't really any new arguments, it just seems like by now, most people should understand that smoking a joint won't turn you into a Satan-worshipping infant-murderer, or whatever they used to think reefer madness was.

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