Holy crap. New Jersey has the reputation of taxing the crap out of us already (we get taxed for moving OUT of the state?!), and now yet another potential tax is working through the government.

Democratic State Senator Bob Smith says water pipelines across the state are old, decaying, and pose a serious health risk, and the issue will only get worse.

There is a big problem and it is a problem that affects your health, your kid's health and your grandchildren's health. Flint, Michigan is an example of what happens when you allow your water system to deteriorate. I think we can begin that public discussion and hopefully get a consensus that the public thinks it is the right thing to do. You can pay me now or you can pay me a lot more later.

I understand Smith's point that the system needs to be updated for health reasons...but sweet merciful crap, don't we pay a billion dollars in other taxes to maintain state infrastructure?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the proposed tax would be 10 cents for every 1,000 gallons, which would lead to an average of $32 per household per year. Even with that small of a dent in our wallet, it still just seems like an absurd and unnecessary tax.

The bill has to go through either the state Senate or Assembly before it even gets to Governor Murphy.

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