The battle over gyms has been one of the loudest during the entire pandemic, probably coming in just behind indoor dining and schooling. People are passionate about working out, gym owners are passionate about their businesses, and it led to a lot of anger from both sides.

The loudest and most famous (infamous?) opponent was the Atilis gym in Bellmawr. The owners have fought the Executive Order, staged protests, and just plain ignored the rules and kept the gym running. The fight has resulted in nearly $130,000 in fines, so those owners will definitely need business to come back in to cover those fees.

According to, gyms have been able to operate for the past two months on an extremely limited basis. Gyms were only allowed to be used for personal trainers to give private lessons to individuals or multiple members of the same household or the same "bubble".

Here are the new rules for gyms, effective September 1st:

  • Restrictions on indoor group activities (such as cycling classes) to one person for every 200 square feet of space in the room.
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn at all times inside the gym.
  • Equipment must be six feet apart.
  • People must sign a form when they enter the gym that says they will adhere to the safety guidelines.
  • Gyms must keep a log of workers and clients, including names and phone numbers, so the information could be made available to contact tracers in the event there’s a COVID-19 exposure at the facility.
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