Gas prices have already been increasing due to the recent hurricanes, and there's a chance we could see another jump in the tax in just over a week.

Last year, the law that spiked our gas tax by 23 cents per gallon included a stipulation that the rate could be adjusted yearly on October 1st. State officials will debate over how the tax helped the Transportation Trust Fund, and whether or not the rates needs to be increased, can be lowered, or just stay the same.

Willem Rijksen, spokesperson for the TTF, said that no decision has been made, but an announcement will happen before the deadline.

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Sal Risalvato, executive director of the New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association, believes the tax rate will stay at 23 percent.

I don't believe there will be any adjustments, because the volume of gasoline and diesel has kind of stayed steady and constant. And if that stayed constant, then the revenues should meet what the expectations were."

Hold on to your wallets, and we'll update you as soon as we get info.

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