As it currently stands, if you won a million dollars from the NJ Lottery, you'd have to have your name and hometown revealed. I get the lotto's logic of saying "Hey, Joe from Brick won, he's a regular guy just like you, maybe you'll win next, buy more tickets!", but I am totally in support of allowing winner's to stay anonymous.

A new bill going through the State legislature would let lotto winner's retain some amount of privacy after winning a jackpot.

I hate to be an "in this day and age" kind of guy, but the issue of privacy has really come to the forefront with the pervasive nature of the current world. We're all connected to some social media, we're all hooked up to the cloud, we're all doing online banking that could be hacked. In the past a person who suddenly wins $10mill could face some scammers or long-lost relatives, but now things just seem much riskier.

According to, six other states (Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, North Dakota and South Carolina) allow winners to remain anonymous; winners in Arizona, Georgia and Virginia can remain anonymous if they win more than a certain amount of money.

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