On Friday, Governor Murphy signed "Nosey's Law", which will prohibit traveling acts like circuses and fairs from using wild and exotic animals.

The bill passed with overwhelming support from the New Jersey Legislature, with the state Senate voting 36-0, and the state Assembly 71-3 (with three abstentions).

In a statement, Murphy said he was

proud to sign ‘Nosey’s Law’ and ensure that New Jersey will not allow wild and exotic animals to be exploited and cruelly treated within our state.

NJ defines exotic animals as any species of mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, mollusk, or crustacean that is not indigenous to New Jersey as determined by the Fish and Game Council.

circus elephant

I like to believe that performing animals are treated well, and get rewards for being able to pull off their tricks, and are taken care of better than they'd be in the wild - still, I've seen the documentaries and read the stories about elephants being whipped and tigers behind held in small cages and so on, so I'm glad that circuses will be prohibited from bringing these abused animals to New Jersey.

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