Add Nikki Sixx to the list of musicians who are not enamored with President Donald Trump. The former Motley Crue and current Sixx:A.M. bassist recently revealed his political leanings.

Earlier this month, Sixx was participating in a Facebook Live chat (embedded above) and wound up talking about "Rise," a song from last year's Prayers for the Damned. Sixx said that it "was inspired by the environment of the presidential campaign and what was going on in the world, and we were just saying, 'We need to rise up. We can be better than this.'"

Sixx said that he didn't believe that Trump is "the right choice for our country," although he didn't specify any which of his policies he disagreed with. He also took a more diplomatic approach than other rockers who have been openly critical of Trump. "I'm an American, and I hope he does a great, great job," he continued. "And what I do love is that in 2017, people are demonstrating and speaking out and having big conversations. And that is what's happened in the '60s and the '70s, and it creates great music and great art, and great conversations lead to something. So, hey, I can't wait 'till the guy is gone."

He then framed his opinion in terms of the effect a successful Trump presidency could have on his career. "But if he does a great job, our economy does great, that means concerts can go great, that means people can afford tickets, that means we can all have a great time. It means that hopefully we can put an end to terrorism, we can put an end to a lot of things that are happening in our country we are not happy about — if he does a great job. So let's hope he does a great job. And if you're a Trump supporter, good for you. I've got no problems with you. I hope I don't get to say, 'I told you so,' in four years. I really hope that doesn't happen."

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