Thank the Lord! BRADY IS OUT!! Who knows what I did to deserve this blessing, but knowing that neither Tom Brady nor his team will be participating in Super Bowl LVI brings a smile to my face. Spoiler alert: I can't STAND Tom Brady.

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This is the weekend, folks! The deciding factor. Whoever wins the 2 games this weekend will go on to face each other in Super Bowl 56!!

First up, we have the Cincinnati Bengals at the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are hoping for their 3rd championship win under former Eagles coach Andy Reid. Can they do it? Well, it's definitely going to be a close game, that's for sure. The Bengals are determined. They want this win. In fact, they're desperate to get to the Super Bowl. While Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs perform well under pressure, they need to play with the same amount of heart the Bengals will bring with them to Kansas City this weekend. That'll be what secure the Chiefs a Super Bowl spot.

Finally, the 49ers are heading down the coast to take on the LA Rams. The 49ers have been in this situation before. The outcome of this game is going to come down to running the ball. This one could go either way. The 49ers certainly have a good shot at taking this one, especially when you consider they've beat the Rams consistently in every game since 2018. Still, the Rams could totally emerge victorious if QB Matthew Stafford plays well.

Here's what's interesting about this game. It's in LA, but 49ers fans are notorious for packing that stadium. Obviously, that puts a ton of extra pressure on the Rams that, in theory, should have an easier time playing since they're at home. Not necessarily the case here, though. Based off of history, it's the safest to predict that San Francisco will walk away with this win.

We'll see what happens!

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