There is nasty new malware in cyberspace that can lock up your computer and deny you access to your own files unless you pay a ransom.

Computer viruses
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It's called, "CryptoLocker" and it can pop up under the disguise of 'helping' you protect your files. If a computer owner allows it to install, the owner's then shut out of their files until they pay money to buy a password.

Townsquare Media Technical Expert Dave Loudon says malware writers used to create these bugs for fun or because they were bored.

Loudon says now they've embraced the profit motive...."and once that happened, then all of the gloves were off and it got really serious, and that's where this came from."

"CryptoLocker" has been blamed for infecting, and locking up, crucial business files that can ruin an enterprise if it denies access.

Loudon says what sets this apart from previous 'malware' is its use of military-grade encryption that only the crooks can unlock.

His best advice? Never, ever permit anything on to your computer unless you are absolutely positive about what it is and where it came from.


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